Authentic Halal Logo’s

Identification of Halal Product is  done by its logo’s printed on its packaging, Authentic logo and a certificate  is issued by
Central Islamic Committee Of Thailand for a product when all the Terms and conditions of Halal are full fulled by the relevant company, the logo issued should look like the above once, there might be few more colors, but Halal sign and name of institute is must on the logo,
you might come across similar kind of Halal logo’s, specially in Restaurants in Tourist area  which might be self certified by their respective owners  its hard to say anything about such products and services, but on safe side stick to “Central Islamic Committee Of Thailand” as they are the only official Authority in Thailand which can issue Halal certificate
as a side note Muslim owned Restaurants in Thailand doesn’t needs to issue certificate from the Authority they can be self certified , so either look for a authentic logo or speak with owner