Bangkok Mosque also known as Tamil Mosque, was founded by the Tamil Muslim Association in Bangkok (TMA) its a recently build mosque , located in the heart of city on surawongse road, this is biggest Masjid in this area with three stored building, mostly people performing there Salat here are expats Muslims.Islamic lectures in English and Tamil languages are frequently held here, masjid premises has a library facility, while Quran is taught on regular bases for kids Address:332, Surawong RoadBangkok, Thailand 10500on Surawongse road, go straight upto Mahesak intersection from signal turn right, go 50 meters you will see a red color building of Bangkok Museum Mineral and Gems Co, there is small lane before that building which leads to mosque, you can also see a direction sign board of Bangkok mosque in from of this building get into the lane take left , and then rightunfortunately there is no parking facility available