Not to confuse  , there are three night markets in Chiang mai ,  all are located next to each other it depends from which side road you enter you might reach one of them first , Anusarn night market full of restaurants include the halal  once,   opposite side of the road exist the old chiang mai night bazar, and a bit further 100 meters there is Kalare night market which also has few halal restaurants
As mentioned  Anusarn night market  is big and has lot of restaurants, out of which few of them have the Halal logo on them , mostly are international restaurant (Indian /Arabic).

Unfortunately authenticity of these restaurants  being halal is questionable, as most of them have halal logos on there sign boards while still ther]y serve Alcohol, after talking to them they claim to buy halal raw meat, not the mention most of them are over priced, serve low food quality, they are ready to serve everything mentioned in the menu, but nothing matches the taste of that specific dish i mean all dish taste the same.

The only genuine Halal restaurants which i found was Roummit 2 thai  restaurant, and
Arabia restaurant, these restaurants did not  serve alcohol and thai food at Roummit 2 restaurant is good , reasonable prices, while food at Arabia restaurant being halal, is low quality and high priced,, over all i would suggust to stick with thai halal restaurants accept Asma as they do serve alcohol.
There are few arabic resturant which i didnt get chance to try so i cannot comment on them if some one has experience please write down in the comments