Halal food stalls are available in front of JJ mall also knows as jatujak plaza, at jatujak weekend market in Bangkok.This market and a big tourist attraction in Bangkok  Thailand , over 14000 stalls this market offers a wide variety of products including household items, clothing, Thai handicrafts, religious artifacts (non-Muslims) , collectibles, foods, and live animals.if you want munch some Halal food in jatujak then head towards jj mall, at the entrance of JJ mall there is lot of stalls selling food some stalls are halal partiucularly selling Thai Halal sausages and fried chicken, you grab some of them and enjoy taste of halal Thai food while your shopping.
if you look for a full halal lunch then get inside the section 16 between soi 24 there are three Halal restaurants as well as a small  musalla  so you dont miss your  Salat prayer