khao yai a place just 250 kms away from Bangkok can be reached within 3 hours, khao yai , famous for Khao yai national park , which covers approximately 300 kms of area, is fully of mountain ranges and flora and funa, a very natural peaceful habitat, free from pollution will like a heaven on earth.

A one day trip is possible if you are willing to start early morning, while an over night stay in a nice resort is recommended to fully enjoy the beauty of khao yai ,  There are lot of resorts outside the national park , and an option to stay in camps inside the national park is also available , if you have small kids i recommend to take a resort,

the best time to visit this place is between Nov-Jan , in this time you can feel a chilling winter which we miss in Bangkok,

As per the Halal food is concerned we have very limited choice, there are few restaurants in Pak chong area in  khoa yai but then most of them of are coffee shop style, and  are incapable of catering a large group of 15 or 20 people.

Narknava halal restaurant/ (khow muuk hiso restaurant) is one i would recommend to stop by, its on the way to national park approximately 20 kms away , this restaurant is big enough and provides only halal food with indian – middle east cuisine  , but not much thai food,  you can order , khow muk, curry with roti, with fish,beef, and lamb, fried fish etc , food is expensive , there is a big Masjid inside.

gps location is,101.2319258,17.75z

there is small fried halal chicken shop, which opens at evening only, here is the gps location ,14.534040, 101.370120

while there is one more halal coffee restaurant Salasa hills which provides Halal food  there is phone number of the image i couldn’t able to record the GPS co-ordinates