Petchaburi Road Stretches from East side of Bangkok all the way to west side , one of the longest road in Bangkok pretty much it linked to most of the famous shopping malls of Bangkok, being attracted by tourist Petchaburi road has almost has every type international Halal restaurant you name it, while big restaurant are busy attracting the wealthy customers, just 200 meter ahead of pratunam just off Ratchathewi Road lays Petchaburi soi 7, this area is densely populated by Thai Muslims ,once you enter the soi the Soi 7 (Lane) there is Masjid Darul Aman , if you’re staying in or near Pratunam area (First Hotel, Biyoke hotels etc) , Darul Aman Mosque is one of the nearest mosque to reach out, while along the side of masjid there are couple of Thai Muslim restaurants , catering local Muslims, you won’t find a high class dining experience here, but you can really enjoy Halal Thai street food which is cheaper then the taxi fare from Pratunam , these restaurants are owned by ethnic Thai Muslim you can find almost every type Halal Thai dishes accept seafood, In evening time starting from 6.00pm onwards, outside of soi 7 there are lot of Halal food stalls , Hot Paratha , Mutaba and mixed Thai Indian dishes are sold at a very reasonably price, every stall has its own sitting arrangement along the foot path so you can enjoy your Halal food while watching the infamous traffic jams on the Street of Bangkok , best time to visit this place is after 6.00pm to 10.30 pm


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