At Ramkhamheang 24 soi (Abac university) also known as Ram walking street has lot of halal food to eat, This is one Halal restaurant which sells grill fish and seafood , located just outside the gate of Huamark stadium, their is plenty of space to park inside the stadium, this restaurant is recommended for casual family dinner and  if you don’t mind street noise and the  hot weather, food is good quality , Tomyum soup made from Baan kai ( native breed of chickens not the farm one) was excellent , grilled fish was OK , while other things like beef salad made in isaan style was a great dish , prices are a bit on high, but it was a good experience, they have menu in English too
this restaurant opens in evening at 5.00 pm and closes at 11.00 pm , best time to visit is between 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm Saturday and sunday


  1. Salaam aleykum, my fiance and i are planning to marry in bangkok. We have had many problems trying to find a location to preform the islamic marriage ceremony. Could you give us contact information of where we can get this done. We just want the islamic wedding, we dont need the legal work now. We have had much trouble and would appreciate any help. We plan to arrive in bangkok on june 13