A well known Halal Restaurant at Pattaya especially famous for hosting a Halal thai food  buffet dinner for foreign tours, this place is located a beach road Pattaya and is part of   A -one Royal cruise hotel, buffet dinner is available in evening  starting from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm everyday  at a price of 420 Per person and 370 for kids (price as of august 2015), i was told that i can walkin and priority booking is  only necessary on weekend, Restaurant is quiet huge and clean , like 4 star restaurant, there were 5  Thai dishes which includes  plain rice ,  while there was barbecue (satay chicken),  thai  noodles, a salad table,  one type of cake and 4 types of ice cream, food  according me food was of an average quality, seems 420 is bit over prices for me for that quality of food, but then  restaurant is clean and  has good ambiance, apart from that it has  À la carte  you can order food  of your own choice , i recommend this  restaurant  family dinner, if your new to thai food then go for Buffet set , if you have experience eating thaifood , then go for  al carte

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