Islamic Foundation of Thailand is located in #Ramkhamhaeng soi 2 ,considered to be one of the biggest Mosque in Bangkok, with a capacity of more than 3000 people this Masjid is has two big prayer halls, spread over an area of more 16000 square meters this mosque has a unique architectural design , it also has ample amount of parking space ,the convenient way reach Islamic Foundation of Thailand is by Airport link, drop at Ramkhamhaeng station and walk approximately 200 meters from this station towards Ramkhamhaeng soi 2

Background information
“The Foundation of the Central Mosque of Thailand” was founded in Bangkok on 1 October 1954.
That was the cooperative forced of a group of Muslims with strong determination to uphold constitutional rights and freedom of belief.
The name was changed to “The Foundation of Islamic Centre of Thailand” on 24 September 1976.
The construction of the mosque
The construction of the mosque, with a special and unique architectural design, was completed in 1984.
The total cost of the project was altogether then around 54 million baht (around USD 1.2 million in current currency exchange).
A half of the budget was donated by local and foreign Muslims. Another half of the income was supported by the Royal Thai government during fiscal years of 1981 to 1983.
Since then there has been continuous changes, improvements as well as development with a strong supports from public, private and third sector organizations.
Property of the Centre
The centre has owned a piece of land at the total area of around 16,976 square meters. This was done by both its owned purchasing and getting some donations from Muslims.
Financial and Other Revenues
The major revenues of the Centre come mostly from Zakat and donation, fund raising, and services fee together with partly public investment fund from the government.
The space and Service Areas
The Mosque at FICT (The Foundation of Islamic Centre of Thailand) can accommodate more than 3,000 worshippers at any one time.
The building comprises of two main prayer areas, two ablution areas, a large auditorium, a VIP reception hall, several office premises, a bookstore, a library, and a food hall. There are also some meeting rooms, offices, and a kitchen.
Management of the Centre
The FICT Executive Management Committee, elected every 6 years, supervises the overall running of the Centre. At present there are altogether 31 Executive Management Committee.
The organization chart includes: President, Vice President, Secretary General, Treasurer, Chief Accountant, Public Relation, Foreign Relations, Committee members.
To be an exemplary and unifying Islamic organization in Thailand that contributes to the betterment of the Muslim community and society at large.
To run the Mosque, provide religious services and religious instructions and guidance to the Muslim community for their moral development and to meet their moral development and to meet their religious requirements.
To provide education for all sections of the community in order to lead life in the current multi-cultural society as a Muslim and as an ideal citizen and to help Muslims integrate within the wider society.
To develop and provide social and cultural services in order to preserve the community identity and to create social and cultural awareness amongst the Muslims and wider society.
To provide guidance and resource service, particularly to educational institutions, hospitals and prisons, and generally to all communities, irrespective of their religion.
To provide advisory services to solve educational, cultural and social problems of the community.
To provide social welfare services to the various groups of the community, to provide funeral service and to provide the humanitarian aid and support in all levels of the society.
Work Programs
Invitation (da’wah)
Organization (jama’ah)
Training (tarbiyah)
Establishing Islam as a way of life (Iqamat-ud-Deen)
Activities and Projects
Study circles
Training camps
Seminar and conference
New and non-Muslim work: exhibitions, courses, and Islam Awareness Week
Tafseenul Qur’an Programmes
Summer Camps and other recreational activities
Arabic language and shari’ah courses provided by the Institute of Islamic Studies
Publications: Islamic insight, Discovering Islam, Weekly newsletter
Production of audio/visual material through public medias
Local radio stations (weekdays and extraordinary programmed in Ramadan)
Friday Islamic study and Muslim World event circles
Building/supporting Masjids and Islamic centres
Zakat and charity fund
Art and cultural activities
Raising funds and campaigning for the poor and needy particularly during Tsunami disaster in 6 Andaman provinces
Establish and support social welfare organizations
Muslim women, youth, and family affairs improvement
The FICT Determination
The Foundation of Islamic Centre of Thailand is continually looking to improve and develop the Muslim community of Thailand by ensuring that it shares Islam with public at large, provide information regarding its message and way of life and remove any misconceptions.
One of its aims is to bring cooperation between Muslim’s and the wider society and build a sense of belonging, for Muslims, to the community thus creating a peaceful environment.
Currently the Islamic Centre is undertaking many projects including outreach work to schools, church groups, youth groups, statutory/non-statutory organizations, etc. and educational programs. The Islamic Centre also provides many advocacy projects in order ro benefit members of its community.
Its volunteer and staff members are constantly seeking to develop themselves through various training courses and attending conferences on many issues regarding community development. They are always continuously and actively seeking to promote and develop the Muslim Community of Thailand.
Any upcoming or new project ideas will be propagate very regularly.
Public can tell or write FICT with any suggestions or comments regarding its projects or indeed any information public may require.

The Foundation Of Islamic Centre Of Thailand
No. 87/2 Ramkhamhaeng Rd. Soi 2, Suanluang
Bangkok, 10250, THAILAND
Phone: 66-2314-5638
Fax: 66-2314-3962



  1. Saya pernah ke sini, bersembahyang Hari Raya Idul Fitri.

    Yang menariknya, selepas acara sembahyang Hari Raya, ada pameran kecil tentang zakat, beberapa sukat dalam almari kaca dipertontonkan kepada orangramai. Selain itu, jemaah dijamu dengan bubur (dipanggil nasi air), kuih muih dan juadah-juadah yang sedap belaka, yang diberi percuma. Kantin masjid juga dibuka membolehkan sesiapa membeli makanan.

    Juga dalam perkarangan masjid, ada bazar yang menjual pakaian dan barang-barang lain.

    Saya merasa seronok dan gembira dapat datang ke tempat ini.

  2. I found the photo of the Islamic Centre of Thailand is quite int resting. There are lots of programmes being planned and some have been carried out. I have never been there, even I visited Bangkok five times within 50 years since 1974, the first time I vis ited the metropolitan. Insya Allah I will visit Bangkok on 15 to 17 of May 2016. I will be accompanied by two other colleagues together with their wives. We are eager to visit the mosque. Is it possible to meet the leaders of the mosque on Tuesday at ‘Ashr prayer times on Tuesday, 17 of May, 2016? Thank you for your prompt respons. I am 75 years old a former official of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of Indonesia. My two others colleagues 70 and 60 years old are a mosque committees in Bandung.

    • At
      Islamic Foundation Of Thailand , there in no such program, even if its there its should be in thai language,
      if you are looking for a Arabic lessons teach in English/urdu/hindi
      then contact this imam
      zubair 0841193573