Masjid Mirasuddeen  is located on Silom soi 20, if your on Silom road this is the nearest mosque to perform your salat, you can grab a piece of halal fried chicken sold outside the mosque, Jumma Salat time is between 12.45 at entrance of soi 20 there are lot fruit sellers while there is also a wet market before the mosque, where in morning Halal goat meat is sold
History:Original it was a mosque that belonged to the muslim Yawa communitywho resided around soi tuan so(soi Pradit), opposite pan road, muslim yawa were people under the command of the dutch(Followed islamic teachings), it is said that Haji Mahamud Yusup (Tuan So) owned many lands in Soi Pradit , and he used one wooden house as a mosque in 1912, later in 1983, Mr Manit Haji  Muhamud Maidin, A businessman who raised animals and had a house in rok tampisa, bought this wooden house (which was mosque total 376 aquare metres) and built a new mosque, using his personal money,which was estimated to be 10 million baht,This is a private mosque and is not controled by any organisationup till now the maintainance of mosque is done by Manit haji’s family