Bangkok being famous for its delicious street food, Halal food is no way an exception , #Ramkhamhaeng famous for Ramkhamhaeng university and Huamark national stadium and Abac university this place is pretty much heaven for Thai and overseas student s, surrounded with affordable studio type apartments, and lot of street food to eat , the streets of Ramkhamhaeng are always been over crowed, starting from Ramkhamhaeng soi 65 (FBT building, its also called as soi Mahathai) , right up to Ramkhamhaeng soi 37 you can find at least 100 up Halal food stalls serving mostly southern style thai food, its been said that south Thailand Muslim students prefer to learn at Ramkhamhaeng university so you can see lot of southerners here and most of them speaking Thai as well as Yawi language,
Food stalls starts from 5.00 pm on wards , till late night, the best time to visit is after 7.30 pm , For sure the real beef soup “Soup nua” can be found only in this place , apart from regular Thaifood which is spicy , southern thai food trends to be more spicy so confirm with the seller before you try to grab it
Inside soi Ramkhamhaeng 61, there are small coffee shops owned by Muslims , each one has two or three big screen lcds with live football channels running on it ,overloaded by football lovers munching #Mutaba with coffee they spend hours here
Ahead of Ramkhamhaeng soi 29th near Central Power Center , there is Muslim Restaurant ,selling Halal Chinese DumSum which is only available in day time