Siam Park,this amusement park located in suburbs of Bangkok is equally famous among s tourist as well as locals if your looking for full day entertainment with lot of kids who are above above 8 years or (130 cm’s in height ) then this is the place you need to look for, ticket with rides start from 500 baht each, to 900 baht each, depending on days and promotions,
this place is a bit far to travel from main city and taxi would charge your approximately between 250 to 300 baht one way, from sukhumvit or silom areas,
As it takes a complete day to cover the full areas / rides in siam park ,as a matter of fact we need have a lunch, unfortunately there are not much option for Halal food in side siam, though there are lot of restaurants and food stalls, i just found only a single halal food stall that too its selling Halal sausages, the time i visited this stall was near to 3.00 pm, the lady was closing the shop, and she didn’t have much to serve.
i would suggest pack some food halal food if possible,so you dont have starve well this is the case only if you travel on your own but then if you have booked the trip from travel agent which includes buffet lunch then there are changes you might served halal food, of if not at least vegetarian food but confirm the same before you make a booking

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