Nothing would be better then knowing Halal Institute of Thailand,
this is one and only institute in Thailand  which certifies Halal products in Thailand, under the name of “The Central Islamic Committee of Thailand ”
Though the English pages of there website are not updated , but Thai pages are updated frequency
have a look at this page
it full of downloadable pdf’s which hold vital information regarding its certification
#Bangkok standard institute of Thailand


  1. I have been looking for contact information for HALAL in Thailand. To no luck as most of the internet information does not provide much information as to standards and certification process. Really hard to find HALAL information. Is there an email that you can provide to me for contact. I am in the export business and would like to certify my organic rice brand as HALAL certified as well. Hope this site offers more information that the actual webpage..

    Thank you,
    Deyo Hardwick

    • Hello Deyo
      you can call CICOT , and ask for Khathawut Murad, this guy speak good english acn can help you in getting what you want
      here is the contact information of CICOT Thailand

      ศูนย์บริหารกิจการศาสนาอิสลามแห่งชาติ เฉลิมพระเกียรติ
      ถนนคลองเก้า แขวงคลองสิบ เขตหนองจอก กรุงเทพมหานคร 10530
      Tel.02949-4308, 02-949-4114 Fax.0-2949-4250 , 02-949-4341