Thai muslim Restaurant in Rachaburi Thailand


Thai muslim restaurant which is itself the name of this restaurant , in Amphore mueang Rachaburi district in Rachaburi province of Thailand, It seems to be the only restaurant in this area, again it’s a normal Thai restaurant serving ready khow muk ghai , beef soup, etc , you can also order few other thai dishes, This restaurant is owned by Thai Pathans.
The working hours are morning at 9.00am to 2.00 pm, but after speaking to the owners , they told me that , its better to inform them a day before your visit , in case if you are a lot of people, or in case if you want them to service beyond there working hours so below is the contact number and the geo co-ordinates , just as a side note , this restaurant 50 meters away from S swiss hotel in rachaburi , which is a nice place to stay , below is the link of the hotel if in case if you want to book,
Last thing, not to confuse , this is not suena phung district which is a famous destination in Rajaburi , Suean phung is way far from here , so please keep this in mind

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