Built in the reign of King Rama I (1782-1809), Bangluang Mosque is unique in its traditional Thai style building decorated with Thai, Chinese arts. The exterior building of mosque looks like a monastery while interior walls and Mehrab of the mosque is decorated in Thai traditional art, mosques building is constructed on 30 pillars, which is symbolically represented as 30 verses of Koran, very old wooden frames carved with Koranic verses are hanged on walls, this mosque is only one of its kind, it’s worth visiting this place as its perfect example of fusion between Islam and Thai art, all five time prayers conducted in this place, the best time to visit is for Asar Salat and wait tell maghrib Salat you can enjoy thai halal food sold outside the mosque ,at the time of magrib Salat few olderly people gather in front of mosque and sip there so called Thai made Arabic style tea
Located on Arun Amarin Road thetsaban soi1 its near to famous Wat Arun and very close to TonsonMosque, it’s difficult to find this place without the help of locals, as its located deep inside the small alley, easiest way is to get here is to go to Wat Arun first and from there ask the local guys the way to Banglauag mosque, mostly motorcycle guy can lead you there, if you’re driving then you need to find parking on Arun Amarin road outside of thetsaban soi1, as this alley is very narrow, the mosque is located around 200 meters inside the alley,