E-sarn Fungdhon is only kind of restaurant which serves northern halal E -saan
Food, As most of the Muslim population in Thailand is in southern part of Thailand and southern food is the most popular food amongst Thai Muslims,
khun montri a Thai Muslim and the owner of E -Sarn Restaurant through a bit differently, instead joining the main stream halal food chain he choose go with Halal Esaan food,
How its almost 30 years for this venture and E-sarn fungdhon Restaurant has created its own unique identity and places in the minds of Muslims staying in Bangkok
Kuhn Noi the partner as well as caretaker of this restaurant says that food from here restaurant is also famous amongst southeast Asian’s and lot of international tours do visit her restaurant
I, Being quiet new to E saan food the only dish I knew was “Som taam ” so called papaya salad which is easily available at every nook and corner of the city at E-sarn fungdhon I was mesmerized with menu which 50 above E saan dishes and all halal
Restaurant time:10am to 10pm ,closed once a month on second week Wednesday
257/10-11, Arun Amarin Crossroad, Bangyekhan, Khet Bangplad Bangkok
There area is known as pinklaeo area just get down of pinklaeo bridge and take a right turn


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