One more reason to love Thailand , Thai Massaman curry has been  rated among  world’s top 10 best food by in 2011 it was rated as number one best food but the later that year it got on to the 10th position,

this dish is originated from south thai malay’s and is usually cooked by  thai muslims , Massaman curry with beef , and chicken are  widely available in most  Halal thai food restaurant,

it  looks similar  to Indian red curry so called as “saalan” but this has a bit sweet taste ,

the best places to eat Massaman Curry in Bangkok (only after friday namaz)   (only after friday namaz)





  1. Massaman curry is the usual Malay curry, frequently consumed in the Malay provinces of Patani, Jala (Yala) and Menara(Narathiwat), and also in Malaysia and Singapore.

    I enjoy eating the curry with “pulut kuning” (yellow glutinous rice).